Being aware how to minimise wastage and re-using materials/goods/produce is undeniably crucial for the environment.  „Zero waste” needs our industry to play a key role in increasing local awarness. We believe that even small business like ours, can make a difference in the local community and help other food businesses become more environmentally responsible. These include local sourcing, ethical suppliers, food preservation (pickling, fermenting), correct storage, composting and more.

Following the idea that small steps makes big changes, The Plough is proudly using durable menus (lasts longer which minimise daily printing), glass recycling, correct storage („First In, First Out” method –  to minimise wastage by rotating food), sustainable straws upon request (otherwise no straw at all) as well as reusable food containers and delivery boxes, etc.

The online resources are full of recipes to make an amazing dinner for your family using leftovers from Sunday roast or any previous meal. In our kitchen we utilise as much as we can. Our Head Chef always finds her way to incorporate and utilise all fresh produce, i.e. „head to tail” policy (using the majority of fresh fish or meat), utilising edible leafs, stems and roots to make homemade stock which then become a base for our soups or gravy, and many more. Exeptionally helpful tip from our guest chef ( more on Victor’s Mexican specialties on our blog soon) is to use a lime & lemon peel and water solution to entirely remove heavy grease of our kitchen flat top. 

Following a brief reaserch few months back, I have also discovered a multiple use of coffee grounds. Instinctively, we’ve decided to recycle used coffee grounds and we are now using it as a great fertilizer (coffee contain several key nutrients required for plant growth; it also helps to  attract worms and decrease the concentrations of heavy metals in the soil), compost, natural cleaning scrub ( for kitchen equipment or fireplace) or as a natural exfoliator.

Coffee beans are actually really effective on the external body. The caffeine in coffee helps stimulate and promote healthy circulation (blood flow) which naturally helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, scars and eczema. To prepare a super – simple body scrub you’ll need to mix: ½ cup of used coffee grounds, ¼ cup of brown sugar, ¼ cup of carrier oil ( ideally almond oil) and 5-10 drops of your chosen aromatherapy essential oil ( e.g. grapefruit, lemongrass or juniper).  Et voilà!

Douglas McMaster, founder of Silo in Brighton, was the lonely pioneer on the zero-waste UK restaurant scene : “Zero waste works hand in hand with Minimalism and other lifestyle movements which can bring great relief on life’s anxious demands. (…) It will save you money, it’s likely to make you healthier because most zero waste purchases are whole, organic and bring back fundamental life trends (such as cooking) which are philosophically crucial to our existence”.

Let’s Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem.

*More information about Zero Waste principals in the hospitality industry you might find on The Sustainable Restaurant Association at www.thesra.org

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