Victor, Diana & Mexican Surprise

Some time ago we have hosted Victor, head chef from Mexican restaurant in Kensington, London. It has only been a short while, but surely everyone agrees, that his visit has left our taste buds very content.

Victor has started his food journey in a small chain of Mexican restaurants in central London, working along with great chef Marco Cuervo. His strong work ethic and passion about the cuisine brought him from the basic kitchen position to a head chef role in no time. To get deeper understanding of the cuisine, Victor visited Mexico multiple times to search for unforgettable authentic flavours.

 Apart from his remarkably warm personality, we all benefited working hand in hand with such a passionate and knowledgeable chef. We have been able to satisfy so many customers with number of his delightful specials. All the dishes he prepared along with our own chefs were very well received.

On a personal note, I absolutely adore Mexican cuisine too. Although people tend to find it quite heavy, as mainly associated with beans & rice, Mexican food is incredibly fresh, vibrant, a little fiery but, most of all, flavoursome. It seems to me that this is still an undiscovered cuisine, but truthfully, you might find their key ingredients in your own kitchen: corn, avocados, fresh tomatoes, coriander, chillies, limes, beans or chocolate.

Remove sour cream, corn chips and liquid cheese sauce from the equation and you are about to enjoy pretty healthy cuisine. I found versatile Mexican food perfectly suitable for celiac (it’s almost entirely gluten free due to use of corn flour instead of wheat flour), protein-rich beans and chillies, tomatoes and courgettes, full of vitamin and minerals and perfect for vegetarians and vegans. Although, the cuisine is well known for their fantastic marinated meat, there is a phenomenal choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes as well. Courgette flowers, marinated cactus, huitlacoche (corn mushroom also called a “Mexican truffle”) and chayote’s are the only few superfoods to mention.

And here is the showstopper – a REAL tequila made with 100% blue agave, a plant that grows for over 10 years in the hot, Mexican sun. Why not try a “hot chocolate tequila toddy” on a cold, winter day or a refreshing watermelon margarita during summer garden party? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

My Mexican food adventure started while working for Thomasina Miers (winner of MasterChef 2005 and co-founder of “Wahaca. Mexican Market Eating”).  I have spent few years watching her develop unique flavours and bringing a large slice of genuine Mexico to the mainstream UK market, which was a truly unforgettable experience. Thomasina Miers was surely inspired by Mexican authority Diana Kennedy, who I have had a pleasure to meet. Today Mrs Kennedy turns 97 years old and, I’ve got a rather good feeling, that hearty Mexican food has a lot to do with it!

Our passion for this exciting Mexican food is constantly growing, therefore I occasionally encourage our chefs to prepare some Mexican inspired specials. It makes us all incredibly happy that the Fish Tacos from our winter menu became one of the best sellers.

This leads me to reveal our surprise – during upcoming summer months we will be delighted to introduce you to a Mexican inspired “Pulled Pork Tacos”, slow cooked and oozing with flavour. Looking forward for you all to try & enjoy!


*Victor and his wife are in the process of writing an e-book about vegan twist on Mexican cuisine, so fingers crossed for the project to be finished soon.

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