Support your locals

Now, more than ever, we need each other during these uncertain times. Below you will find few ways how to support your local businesses:

Leave Good Reviews

Great way to help is following your favourite place on social media and leaving great reviews online if you are financially unable to support a local business. With many restaurants and bars being forced to shut their doors, reaching out with positive words of encouragement through Facebook, Instagram and mainly Tripadvisor, is likely to give business owners the strength to continue what they do.

Shop Locally

Both online and offline. Pay a visit to your corner shop or nearby restaurant to continuously support local community.

Buy Gift Cards & Vouchers

It’s a great way to show your business owner how much you appreciate their work. It’s a true gesture of loyalty.

Order a Take Away

Once in a while consider taking a night off from cooking to help support local cafes, bars and restaurants. Avoid large chains and support your neighbours. Global fast food shops will be fine, but your local Fish & Chips shop might not survive…

Avoid Refund

In an ideal situation, try to avoid refunds and cancellation and consider to postpone the event or booking instead.

The British Entrepreneurs & Economy

Through supporting your local businesses, you are actually helping to support local entrepreneurs who once may not have had a chance of getting their company started. Through more people choosing the smaller, local option over the larger chain businesses it is allowing more entrepreneurs to get their foot in the door, thus making for a very healthy economy.

Continue supporting your favourite family-run restaurant, leave us a review so when we finally welcome you and reopen, everyone will know where to enjoy a delicious homemade meal in beautiful surroundings.


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