Food for thoughts

There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday, where your plans stretch to reading newspaper, board games, phone call to friends and family (highly adequate during current circumstances), or a possibility of going for a long country walk. Comfort food, simple pleasures. Food that cooks slowly in the order of the day.

Comfort food – home cooked meals associated with emotional comfort: childhood, tradition and positive feelings. In “Comfort food. Meanings and Memories” Michael Owen Jones and Lucy M. Long links comfort food to four key phrases: nostalgia, indulgence, convenience and physical satisfaction. This could mean absolutely anything to each one of us… It could be triple cheese pizza, chips smothered with beef gravy or mom’s chicken soup. The notion of “guilty pleasures” is never far away and such food can be utterly delicious

The phrase “comfort food” has always been in the back of our mind while designing the new menu or daily specials. We consider The Plough at Euxton as a very relaxed, unpretentious and comfortable environment, where everyone can feel like at home. Therefore, we aim to serve food that matches that description. Truly satisfying comfort food doesn’t just fill the stomach, it mainly delights your senses.

Since John and I took over The Plough two years ago, we have been able to delight you with some great dishes that made you feel like home.

 Here’s some of our bests comfort foods:

A delicious and creamy tomato and roasted red peppers soup with thyme croutons and truffle oil.
One of our specials last winter: homemade Thai yellow curry with chicken and crunchy vegetables.
Our famous rare beef Sunday roasts. Delicious….
Simple and delicious. Thyme mushrooms and roasted garlic on toast, generously covered with melted cheddar and Red Leicester cheese.
Our Father’s Day special: Daddy’s Breakfast in a giant Yorkshire pudding. And a pint 🙂
The best fish and the best chips you have ever had. Classic.
Comforting seasonal fruit crumble. Served warm to make you feel even better.

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